Fluorescent and IR Security Inks
Code List
UV-invisible Long¡¢Short ¡¢Dual Wave
IR Laser to visible Security Inks
Thermo-chromic Inks
Special Inks
Code List
Desensitizing ink
Intelligent machine readable ink
Security Light And Discriminators
DELI-980 Laser Light Pen Discriminator
DELI-101 Handset UV Light Detector
DELI-203 UV Light Multifunctional Discriminator
Security Pigments
Code List
Invisible fluorescent
Invisible infrared
Security Fibers and Dots
Code List
UV fluorescent invisible fibers
General colored fibers
IR fibers
Fluorescent particie(or dot)
IR invisible partice(or dot)
Thermo-chromic partice(or dot)
Peking University Anti-counterfeiting/Security Technology

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