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UV-invisible Long¡¢Short ¡¢Dual Wave
IR Laser to visible Security Inks
Thermo-chromic Inks
Special Inks
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Desensitizing ink
Intelligent machine readable ink
Security Light And Discriminators
DELI-980 Laser Light Pen Discriminator
DELI-101 Handset UV Light Detector
DELI-203 UV Light Multifunctional Discriminator
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Security Fibers and Dots
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UV fluorescent invisible fibers
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Peking University Anti-counterfeiting/Security Technology

Security Paper Fiber/Dot and Multicolor UV Thread
Colored Fiber and Colorless Fluorescent Fiber

Product Description:
Dr.YAO¡äs colored and colorless fluorescent fibers as it is commonly referred to, is an amazing medium to work with. It can be combined with paper for safety usage by adding the appearance color or giving it fluorescent color. Colored and colorless fiber are randomly embedded in paper during its manufacturing process to authenticate the product. The colored fiber in paper only appear in different colors (e.g. red, blue), and the colorless fiber fluoresces a strong, bright color under black light while invisible in sunlight, which is an efficient counterfeit-deterrence feature.

All kinds of paper such as tickets, certificates and so on.
Available in: One kilogram, three kilograms, Five kilograms plastic bag. Large units are available upon request.

£¨1£©Main Types of Security Fiber/Dot For Special Papers(·ÀαÏËάºÍÓ«¹â·ÀαÇò)

Fiber Name
Security Properties
UV fluorescent fibers
Those fibers display many fluorescent colors under UV light(365 or 254nm)
General colored fibers
Those fibers display many fluorescent colors(mainly red, blue and green) under sun light.
Thermo-chromic fibers
Those fibers change color from 'colored to colorless' or 'colored to colored' with a rise in temperature (10-60¡æ),from 'colorless to colored' when a drop in temperature,
IR fibers
This fiber display green under IR light(780-980nm) by use of special laser pen.
Fluorescent particle/dot
Those particles (or dots) display many fluorescent colors under UV light(365 or 254nm)
the fiber length can be designed by the client. These fibers can bemanufactured for Multicolor UV Thread.

£¨2£©The code and price list of Security Fiber/Dot For Special Papers
Fiber/Dot Name
Multicolor fiber
Red short fiber
Blue short fiber
Special designed Color short fibers
Multicolor UV invisible short fibers
UV red invisible
UV blue invisible
UV yellow invisible
UV green invisible
Short wave UV green invisible
UV dual band invisible
Special-designed UV invisible
IR invisible short fibers
IR green invisible
IR green visible
Special-designed UV invisible
Multicolor UV invisible dots
UV red invisible
UV yellow invisible
UV blue invisible
UV green invisible
Short wave UV green invisible
UV dual band green invisible
Special-designed UV invisible

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